The essential function of vitamin D in PA therapy

Patients who pay attention to an adequate supply of vitamin D during ongoing PA therapy can thus positively influence its course. The sun hormone is involved in numerous metabolic functions in the body and is an important component in maintaining bone substance and increasing the body's own immunity.

What is vitamin D?

Strictly speaking, it is not a vitamin, but a hormone. There are 2 types of this hormone form: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) - it is found in plants and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) - it is produced by the body itself and is also found in animal foods. In order to achieve an adequate supply of the D vitamins, one should first check one's diet for the presence of foods with a high vitamin D content.

The right dosage matters - don't let a deficiency develop in the first place.

To avoid a deficiency and to be able to choose the right dosage, the vitamin D level should be determined in advance by test. An overdose can also have negative consequences such as increased calcium levels in the blood, nausea and kidney problems.


For some years now, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) has been recommending that 800 international units (concentration in the blood) of vitamin D should be taken in daily through the diet if vitamin D formation through the skin is not possible. Since 82 percent of men and 91 percent of women do not reach the recommended daily amounts, vitamin D supplements can be added.

Food product

Level of Vitamin D

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What functions does vitamin D regulate in the body?

  • Absorption of calcium and phosphorus (for strong bones and teeth)
  • Stabilization of calcium level
  • Inhibition of inflammation
  • Effect on the pysche
  • Regulation of blood sugar level
  • Strengthening and building muscles
AProof Vitamin D Test

How can the appropriate level of vitamin D support your PA therapy or implantation?

The effects of vitamin D in PA therapy are manifold: stronger bone density, reduced bacterial inflammation and improvement of the immune defense against bacteria. Since vitamin D is also an important basis for strong bones and teeth, sufficient levels are also of great importance in implantology. Various animal studies have shown that bone healing is directly related to vitamin D levels. Thus, poor healing to premature implant loss can be the consequences.

Where/how can I get tested?

Practical tests for home use are already available. With this type of test, you independently collect the blood sample at home and simply send it to the medical laboratory for analysis in a prepaid envelope. Your medical report will contain the quantitative measurement: 25-OH vitamin D2 and D3 in ng/ml and nmol/ml.

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PadoTest® patient flyer "Vitamin D": Download here


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